The Miners League

ChampTheLegend OWNER posted Feb 18, 18


Welcome to the new, official website of The Miners League, a collection of modded modpacks and servers run and played by thousands of players! 

This website is primarily used for our webstore, organized reporting, applying for staff, download links for our modpacks, and for server statistics. All of this can be found on the navigation bar at the top of the page, along with a link to our Discord and Technic pages.

As for a community chat, we use Discord and even have a forum! Simply click on Discord in the naviagation bar above to get a link if you want to go check it out. It is a great place to chat with other players. The forum is also located at the top of the page, however our Discord is much more active.

You can also find some other things on this homepage, like our Twitter, some webstore deals, some quick server stats, your Enjin profile, and some other cool things.

Thanks for visiting! I hope to see you in-game or on our Discord!